Buy & Sell Coins in Pixels Online

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How does it work?

  1. Submit your order through the interface above.
  2. Join our Discord Server and raise a ticket in the #buy-sell-coins channel.
  3. Wait for payment and trading instructions.
We will NEVER directly message you on Discord. Beware of scams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods are supported?

    We only accept USDC on Ronin Network.

  • How long to receive my order?

    As all trades are done manually and liquidity is limited, it may take anywhere from several hours to several days before your order is filled. Please be patient :)

  • Is my account able to trade?

    You will need at least 2,000 reputation points to trade, regardless of VIP. In addition to that, we perform some additional checks on the legitimacy of your account. We may reject trades if we deem that an account looks suspicious.

  • How will I receive my coins after I submit my order?

    After submitting your order, you need to create a ticket in the #buy-sell-coins channel in our Discord server. We will communicate with you in the ticket to provide you with payment and trading instructions.

    We will NEVER direct message you on Discord directly. Always make sure you are communicating with based64.eth only in the ticket you created.

  • Is buying/selling coins allowed in Pixels?

    In short - Yes.

    There is no rule against buying or selling coins or other in-game items. Many land owners and high-profile players have done OTC trades with each other. Advertising such OTC trades in the official Pixels Discord server is not allowed.

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